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        來源:http://www.carolbox.cn 發布時間:2021-09-09

        Collecting celebrity calligraphy and painting has become a way for people to follow today's elegant fashion. The acquisition of collectable paintings and calligraphy can also be regarded as an asset investment. So what should we pay attention to when collecting celebrity paintings? The following is a small series of articles on the acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting. Summary points:
        1. Friends who collect antiques tend to cherish the "years" and ignore the artistry of the collection itself. It should be noted that you are collecting ancient art, not all antiques. Some antiquities "years" are enough, but they are neither artistic nor artistic, so they should not be included in the "art collection".
        2. Celebrity calligraphy and painting collection, jade collection, not full tile.
        For various reasons, art is sometimes difficult to protect "ten products". It is often difficult to achieve complete life change. The principle of collection is "better do whatever you want". Antique collection is "making up for deficiencies", not excessive. Seek wholeheartedly. In addition, if core and critical parts are missing, they must be discarded.
        3. Celebrity calligraphy collection does not accept subsequent calligraphy works.
        It is undeniable that even if Linyi's products have the projection of personality, the painter's works are more or less integrated into his own personality. The works of successful artists must be different, and have a strong sense of originality and innovation.
        4. Famous calligraphers' fine calligraphy collection.
        The popularity of the author is one of the factors considered in the investment of art collection. It is worth mentioning that the collection principle is still an element of art, and the second is the popular principle. Don't collect blindly.
        5. Celebrity calligraphy collection accepts calligraphy works as much as possible.
        The contemporary art market is still developing. Excessive speculation and false transactions will lead to the falseness of calligraphy and painting collection, which will affect the authenticity of the art market.
        What should we pay attention to when collecting celebrity calligraphy and painting is introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to the acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting.