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        The identification of paper and enamel is carried out on paper and enamel. The life of life is usually about 100 years, while the life of paper is about 1000 years. Of course, due to the different underground burial environment, the paper baskets in the unearthed cultural relics may still be more than a thousand years old. For example, single silk had been woven before the Jin and Tang Dynasties, and the crepe pattern of double silk was not found until the Song Dynasty, which was thinner than that of the yuan and Ming Dynasties. According to the quality category, you can determine the age of calligraphy and painting. There are also traces of the times on the paper. Before the Sui and Tang Dynasties, hemp was used as the raw material of paper, with high fiber content and poor paper quality. After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, bark was used for papermaking, and its paper quality was better than before. After the middle of the Northern Song Dynasty, papermaking materials were diversified and papers were put forward. diversification. In fact, the folk collection of calligraphy and painting only appeared in the late Ming and Qing Dynasties. This is because paper and enamel itself are difficult to preserve for hundreds of years. Coupled with the confusion of forgers, some people think that a considerable part of ancient calligraphy is fish. Three main elements of celebrity calligraphy and painting acquisition:
        1、 Installation identification
        Each era has its own characteristics. For example, in the Yuan Dynasty, the collection of Tibetan paintings was selected by a special person. During the four years of Dade, "ancient jade and ivory became the axis, and Eucalyptus splendor continued to be installed". In the Ming Dynasty, lead was added to the paintings, and some were written on the line. The vertical axis has wide and narrow sides, and some have added poetry. The materials and technical forms of palace painting in the Qing Dynasty are better than those in the Ming Dynasty.
        Acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting
        2、 Seal identification
        Many song and dance works were not sealed, some were sealed with bronze and jade seals, and the seals were printed with dense seals and cherry blossoms on the water. The seal is made of wood, ivory, copper, jade, etc. Prints are templates and Sakura generation. Lithography was used. Stone seals in the Ming Dynasty are very common, and the carving method is "hammer head type". The seals used by Youying in the Qing Dynasty are mostly in the shape of seals, and their fonts and fonts are also diverse. Ink color is oily. The identification crowns of clothes and living utensils in painting are usually different at different ages, and living utensils are also different and can be identified.
        3、 Professional title appraisal
        These problems fall into three categories: the title of the author, contemporary problems and future problems. The title is to increase the value of calligraphy and painting. However, there are usually real paintings with wrong problems or forged paintings with real problems, which should be carefully identified.
        Today's calligraphy works can be divided into two types: one is the work of industry and the other is the work of professional calligraphers; The other is calligraphy. One is a layman, not a calligrapher, but a pure calligraphy lover.